ROKU older device

We did several testings and found that if the ROKU OS is older than 11.5.0, it causes problems.

To view the device info, please navigate to Settings -> System -> About.

Below are more detailed description on how we did the testing:

1. Factory Reset (it will take a while)
The Factory Reset is at: Settings -> System -> Advanced system settings -> Factory Reset

2. Adding 5ik.TV to ROKU

Clicking one of those link: 


3. Software Update

On the ROKU device, visit Software update at: Settings -> System -> Software Update.

Once the update is completed, click the Home button on the remote, 5ik.TV should appeal. 

In case the ROKU OS is older than 11.0.05 which failed in our testing, we recommend the following options: 

1. use other devices such as computers, iPhone, or iPad; 
2. purchase a new device. We recommend Google TV device such as 小米電視棒.

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