New service site for HK, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore

We have deployed new service site for paid subscribers at HK, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.  The media delivery should be faster and more smooth than ever!

As side note, due to huge amount of wasteful activities, we will not offer the dedicated service route for free trail users in those locations. Thanks for your understanding.

5ik.tv service team


New USA server for midwest, east coast

Due to increasing loading, we have deployed new servers dedicated to paid subscribers in midwest, south, and east coast.  We wish the deployment provide more smoothness using experience - please let us know your feedback!

5ik.TV - 2024母親節 優惠 折扣碼

謝謝您喜歡5ik.TV的服務並給我們支持。 首先祝所有海外的母親, 母親節快樂!! ...