iPad airplay mirroring testing

This is YouTube video shared by customer. Looking good!

You can do the same with AppleTV box with any i-device with air play capacity.

Apple HDMI adapter: http://store.apple.com/us/product/MD098ZM/A/apple-digital-av-adapter
Apple TV: http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/shop_ipod/ipod_accessories/apple_tv

您只要有iPhone 或 iPad, 即可配合AppleTV輸出到大螢幕。
  1. 首先請將所有設備連結同一個wifi 網路;
  2. 並確認使用同一個Apple ID登入;
  3. 在iPad上,打開5ik.TV並開始播放;
  4. 您應會在右下角看到Air play的切換按鍵,按下即可切換影音輸出的選項。​



Roku private channel listing

We wish you enjoy Roku device so far.  There are a lot of private channel like 5ik.TV's that offer premium content and do not like to be published and ruled by Roku.

Thanks to Catastropher Girl.  She maintains the list and review them in person.  For example, you can find our info here: http://catastrophegirlsrokuchanneldata.blogspot.tw/2011/11/5iktv.html

Be sure to check it out and make your Roku bring joy to life!


Channel Roster update



1 中視HD 2 公視HD 3 台視HD
4 華視HD 5 民視HD 10 公視
12 中視 15 東森幼幼 16 MOMO
17 客家電視 20 民視綜合 21 台視綜合
24 中天綜合 25 中天娛樂 26 緯來綜合
27 GTV第一 28 GTV綜合 29 三立台灣
30 三立都會 31 衛視中文 32 東森綜合
33 超視 39 緯來戲劇 40 東森戲劇
41 GTV戲劇 42 TVBS歡樂 46 JET綜合
50 年代新聞 51 東森新聞 52 中天新聞
53 民視新聞 54 三立新聞 55 TVBS-N
56 TVBS 57 東森財經 58 非凡財經
59 台視財經 62 東森電影 68 東森洋片
70 緯來育樂 72 Fox體育 75 國興日本
76 緯來日本 101 大愛 102 好消息
111 央視1 HD 112 央視財經 114 央視國際
160 本港台 161 翡翠台 162 亞洲台HD


請問一個 5ik.tv account 可以用多少台 Roku?

We are happy to announce new system logic. Sub-account is no longer needed to save your trouble. You can follow the normal Roku linking process to associate additional device(s), or just let us know the Roku serial number. We will create the association for you.

The policy still stands - As subscriber, you can have as many devices as you wish in the same house. The policy is same as cable TV - you will need to use the devices at the same household.

Due the nature of Internet, when you have multiple viewing sessions concurrently, the signal quality might be degraded, even produce lagging and unwatchable -- therefore we advise you not to use more than one viewing session at the same time.