ROKU/ 5ik.TV app update

Recently there's an update on the ROKU app that requires some work from your end to re-install the 5ik.TV app.

Please follow the instruction below:

最近我們有ROKU 軟體的更新。請參照以下敘述來重新安裝:
  1. 使用電腦或 iPhone/iPad, 請登入到 ROKU owner website - https://my.roku.com/
  2. 首先請在下方 My Linked Device 部分確認您的 ROKU 有在清單裡 (by serial number).
  3. 若沒問題,請點選 https://my.roku.com/add/5iktv
  4. 看到 warning message 請點OK 按鍵
  5. 然後請點 Yes, add Channel 按鍵
這樣隔幾秒 5ik.TV 就會出現在電視畫面了。 若ROKU沒有在清單裡,請參照以下 Reset ROKU 的說明來重新取得ROKU的 ownership.


  1. On computer or iphone/ipad, click this link: https://my.roku.com/add/5iktv to add updated 5ik.TV app. 
  2. You should be onto the ROKU owner web site. Please click "Add private channel" button to consent the adding.
  3. When complete, you should see updated '5ik.TV' on TV screen within couple seconds. 
  4. To speed up the process, you can also click Settings -> System Update on ROKU remote. 


  1. On ROKU remote, please select 5ik.TV app, and press OK button
  2. The Linking screen with 5 digit random code should be shown. Please visit 5ik.tv/roku/ on computer or iphone/ipad to enter the 5 digit code
  3. As you enter the code, you should see "您已完成登錄。可立即在Roku上享用全螢幕的直播服務。" message.
  4. On TV screen, you should see the "Congratulations!" screen within 5 seconds.

Info you need for the above steps


Update to the latest ROKU firmware

In many cases, the latest firmware is needed. So before any action, please check for the update by clicking Settings -> System Update using ROKU remote.

For more info regarding updating ROKU: https://support.roku.com/article/208755668-how-to-update-the-software-on-your-roku-streaming-device

ROKU is not linked !?
You need to have ownership of the ROKU device. Please follow the article below for description: https://support.roku.com/article/208754508-how-to-resolve-an-issue-when-activating-or-linking-your-roku-streaming-device

Reset ROKU
If the ROKU is owned by previous owner, you might need to reset the ROKU.

To reset, on ROKU remote, press Settings -> System Reset.

For more info about resetting ROKU: https://www.tomsguide.com/us/resetting-your-roku,review-3579.html

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